Top 6 SEO Tips For 2016

Apart from making your content of high quality, marketers also have to take some time to learn the new rules of SEO in order to leverage investments. Previously, the focus had always been on keywords, however, experts say that you don’t really need to pack headlines with keywords. Due to this, It has become very important for experts to look for new trends that will affect their search rankings for keywords every year. This is because of the many changes that take place in the Google algorithm. Google is always evolving. If you are wondering which SEO trends will turn out to be major hits in 2016 then no need to worry.

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Best SEO Tips for 2016

Focus on the user experience

User engagement is also another thing that website owners who want to get more visitors need to look into. It is just as important as other on-site elements today. This is because when a visitor gets to stay on your page longer, they are likely to visit more pages. It is a proven factor that is effective for the elements of the page that determine chances of your site visitors giving into your call to action and returning to your page.

Size matters after all

Shorter articles do well, however, longer ones of between 1,200 to 1,500 words performs better in the search results because they have more images and words to rank on the page. A longer content that has been broken down with subheads, bullets and images are more readable and Google makes changes to send traffic to pages that enchant people.

Mobile optimization will become crucial

According to statistics, the number of mobile device searches has seen a 43 percent increase last year. Nowadays, people use Smartphone, tablets, and even phone watches to browse the internet. Due to this, Google’s algorithm update has ensured that this year mobile friendly websites will get a higher rank boost on mobile searches.

Site speed makes a difference

Google prefers websites that load faster and even emphasizes to use site speed as part of their algorithm. Therefore, you should ensure that your site loads faster through the use of plugins such as WP Super Cache, WP Smush, Max CDN, and WP Rocket.

Videos will still rule

Videos make about 62 percent of all universal Google searches. By using enough videos on your website, you can improve your websites’ page ranking on the SERPs. A study by found that videos get 50 times better organic page rank in Google when compared to plain and static texts.  Youtube is a great place to rank videos on Google.

Voice search function

In 2016, everyone uses voice search when multi-tasking or driving because it is convenient. smartphones have a voice search function that’s becoming a huge part of mobile usage. This popularity has been spurred by the launch of Google, Apple, and Microsoft’s Google Now, Siri, and Cortana. It’s important that you make your content easily searchable through voice searches through the use of long-tail keywords.

With these SEO tips for 2016 and an amazing content, you will be on the fast track towards the top of Google’s top page during searches.

If you’d like to learn more about SEO, you will want to view Google’s Search Engine Optimization Beginners Guide.